Kya has had the opportunity to partake in various productions with Arts York Mackenzie including starring as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Kim MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie!, and Mademoiselle D’Arque in Beauty and the Beast. Kya has also appeared in Saint Andrew’s College’s Focus Festival under the direction of William Scoular and completed a 2012 run of Crazy For You within the SAC Dramatic Society. Since 2010, Kya has been a fervent competitor in the annual Sears Drama Festival. She most recently took the stage in a production within The Toronto Paprika Festival hosted at the Tarragon Theatre in spring 2013. A proud member of the first graduating class of Arts York Mackenzie’s Dramatic Arts Program, a vocal student at Studio David Bertram, and fierce rugby player – Kya thrives on determination and hard work.

What’s next:

Come September, Kya will be returning to her eastern roots and will be starting out as an eager frosh at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a student within King’s Foundation Year Program, Kya enthusiastically awaits the upcoming months of literary, philosophical, and historical inputs. Not willing to shake the theatrical bug, Kya plans on being an avid performer and audience member at the shows produced by the King’s Theatrical Society.



Arden has spent her high school career in the Alexander Mackenzie Arts Drama Program, but wasn’t truly exposed to the world of Toronto theatre until she began working on This Play is Like _____ for the Paprika Festival. She used to say that she lacked an interest in live performance and was more invested in her love for film, but being a part of this production rekindled her appreciation for the gutless feeling you get the moment before a show when the lights dim and the audience goes silent. Working with  this radical cast and crew has been one of the most bad ass experiences of her life, and she can’t wait to watch their future careers as their talent and ambitions unfold before them.

What’s next:

After the Fringe Festival, Arden plans to defer her university acceptances and take a year to experience some of the great things the world has to offer her. After backpacking through Europe with her best friend for two months, she plans on moving to California to live with her sister to explore the world of film. Her other plans include visiting the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, and hopping the ViaRail from coast to coast to get a better grasp of the beautiful country she was born in. She is hoping that such experiences will help her answer the loathsome question of “what are you doing with your life?”



Aside from the odd elementary school production, it wasn’t until her grade eleven year that Forest began to immerse herself in the drama community with her involvement in the Sears Drama Festival. Since then she’s played Anne Putnam in the Toronto Waldorf School’s rendition of the Crucible, and Amy Lee Fullernoy in Laundry and Bourbon. A student usually more involved in visual art, Forest admits she still doesn’t know why the hell Glenys thought it was a good idea to cast her.

What’s next:

What’s next you ask? On her grade twelve trip to Dornoch, Switzerland, Forest caught the Europe bug so come September, unlike many of her peers, Forest plans to abandon the idea of school (for now) and go a-travelling Europe with two of her best dudes. To fund the trip, she will be embracing her visual art ties by making and selling paintings. She hopes to fill her year off new and unusual experiences, much like the Fringe Festival.



Benjamin became interested in acting after playing several of roles in lower school productions at the Toronto Waldorf School. These roles included the love-struck Perchik from Fiddler on the Roof, Robin Hood, and Bernard from Arcadia. In 2007, when Ben was in grade 8, he announced his entrance into the public stage performing a supporting in the Curtain Club’s Christmas comedy, Ethan Claymore. Next, his Adventures brought him to  Soul Pepper’s Youth Mentorship Program where he explored the arts of theatre, film, and team spirit. And Yoga. The news of this young hotshot spread to the ears of the Tarragon theatre where Benjamin took on the role of a seedy, un-empathetic character in the One Act Play Festival of 2011, and participated in the Spring Training Program of the same year. Since then Ben has been finishing high-school, working on his grade 8 piano exam, and looking for the right school.

Whats next:

Ben hopes to study Music and Acting for film and theatre, as well as writing and novel-film adaptation.

With a special appearance by ABBY WEISBROT July 8


Abby is thrilled to be a part of This Play is Like _____ at the  Fringe this summer. A proud graduate of Arts York at Alexander Mackenzie High School, Abby has had the opportunity to take part in several musicals, such as The Sound of Music as Maria, and Bye Bye Birdie! as Rosie. Other theatre credits include Older Female Actor in This Is A Play, Bella in Lost in Yonkers, Ado Annie in Oklahoma!, Sour Kangaroo in Seussical, Belle in Beauty and The Beast, and Annie in Annie. Abby has had the remarkable opportunity to compete in the Ontario Sears Drama Festival in 2012 as well as participate in the Toronto Paprika Festival this past year. Abby could not be more proud of her fellow cast members and production crew, and feels very fortunate to have been able to work with such incredible and talented individuals. It is through working with these individuals that her passion for theatre and the arts has grown thus far.

What’s next:

Abby is travelling to the University of Windsor  to continue studying theatre and training to be an actor.


Written and directed by GLENYS ROBINSON


Glenys had her directorial debut during last year’s Sears Ontario Drama Festival, where she directed a production of This Is A Play by Daniel MacIvor. This Play Is Like _____ is her first original script, and was most recently seen as part of the Paprika Festival 2013 at Tarragon Theatre. Glenys has participated in several workshops at Tarragon, as well as in the Modern Times 2012 Youth Unit, where she directed an adaption of her original short story This Is a Story About Carrots. She is very proud to be part of the first graduating class of Arts York Mackenzie’s Dramatic Arts Program. Glenys is  passionate about writing poetry and short fiction, art and crafting, languages, and sustainable gardening. If Glenys were an animal she would be a mouse, but the kind that gallivants around with a pirate hat and a sword.

What’s next:

After the Fringe, Glenys is taking a year off to travel and work. Possibly she’ll go WWOOFING. Possibly she’ll write a new play. Glenys hopes her future will include theatre, travelling, social justice/international development, and food justice. And a tiny house. And beekeeping.


Technically directed by SHANT JOSHI

Shant has had the pleasure of being Arts Alexander Mackenzie’s house technician for the past four years. He has been a technician for many shows including This Is A Play, Waiting for Godot, and Reunion on Gallows Hill. Shant has been a technical participant of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival for over two years and has been mentored by Modern Times’ Artistic Director Soheil Parsa. Shant’s most recent work in technical design was for a production featured in the Toronto Paprika Festival at the Tarragon Theatre in the spring of 2013. Outside of theatre, Shant is an award-winning young filmmaker having his short films being featured at the TIFF Next Wave Festival as well as the Planet In Focus International Film Festival. A proud member of the first graduating class of Arts Alexander Mackenzie High School’s Dramatic Arts Program, Shant is always looking for projects that combine artistic sensibilities and technical expertise.

What’s next:

Following the conclusion of the Toronto Fringe Festival, Shant will immediately be heading to Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain where he intends to film a short documentary on the Bahraini uprising and the Western World involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. This fall, Shant will venture to the far west in Vancouver, BC to begin his undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia. There he will learn under the most experienced professors in Canada as he majors in Film Production. With his experience, Shant will still continue to pursue theatrical projects in Vancouver’s theatre industry.


Ana is extremely proud to be head of the design crew for This Play Is Like _____. Ana lives in Richmond Hill with her family and attends Alexander Mackenzie High School. She has recently graduated from the eleventh grade and is moving on to her final year of high school. Ana’s favourite subject is art. She is passionate about painting and painters. Ana admires the process of creating fine art, and experiencing a stranger’s emotions and creativity. Ana would  like to thank everyone involved in the production for giving her an experience she will remember for a very long time.

What’s next:

After grade twelve, Ana plans on attending post secondary, to pursue Art History with further detail and depth.


Yasaman Nouri

Haruka Kanai

Ana Ghookassian

Patrick Kinghan


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