Once, in a land not so far away, two people met, followed by two gametes, followed by two voices crying out as one. Separated by twenty six years but tied together by an umbilical cord. What a stunning creature writhing in such a sterile environment, this child born red, and beautiful, and caustic. Her mother and father knew their daughter would be special enough to give the name ‘Jane’ substance, to show the plain who’s boss. They knew one day she would stop the world, with its doctors and teachers and criminal lawyers and soldiers and reality TV bimbos in its tracks. They knew she would dance and move mountains, that when she smiled the backyard gardens would produce chocolate covered strawberries…

Shadow puppets. Stand up comedy. Folk tales. High School. Anaphylactic allergies. Fresh from the Paprika Festival, This Play Is Like _____ is about being incompatible with an environment; be it a public space that someone might have smeared peanut better all over, a remote village smothering you with its traditions, or a home with a communication barrier.

Written and directed by Glenys Robinson

With original stand-up comedy by Lauren Wotherspoon

Stage managed by Will Shore

Technically Directed by Shant Joshi

Designed by Ana Ghookassian


Kya Mosey

Arden Dunlop

Forest Van Winkle

Ben Tersigni

With special performances by Abby Weisbrot

Mentored by Haley McGee


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